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Angelini's commitment

The care and treatment of children is of vital importance, especially because the failure to provide adequate therapy can easily have lifelong impact. Paediatrics is a challenging and complex sector. Pain, for example, can often be difficult to assess and treat in children, and may be an underrated issue.

Angelini has always been strongly focused on delivering appropriate treatments to paediatric patients, taking into account the high heterogeneity of this population’s features.

Mental health is another crucial area in the paediatric sector. Over the past decade, there has been increasing recognition of the prevalence of psychiatric problems among young people, with anxiety disorders, depression and even psychotic disorders being reported with greater frequency. The incidence of psychotic symptoms is actually higher among children from 9 to 12 years of age, than among adolescents. Angelini has always supported health care providers in early diagnosis and treatment of mental conditions in paediatric patients.

Angelini is continuously cooperating with leading research networks and working groups, including the INCIPIT network of Italian paediatric centres and the ECNP on child and adolescent psychiatry, seeking to develop and deliver cutting-edge methodologies and treatments.